Why Professional Photos?

You engage a Property Manager as they are the experts on managing your asset.  Given this, why would you not engage a professional photographer to illustrate your property in its best light?

Photos are commonly the prospective tenant’s first impression of the property.

One of the first things a tenant will do when looking at photos is pose the following questions; can I see myself living here?  Can all my furniture fit?

Without accurate and comprehensive photos, how can you be sure you are capturing the best possible tenants coming to inspect your investment property?

There are major benefits when using professional photos:

  • They are tax deductible, as they are a cost from the management of your property
  • When selling the property there is no need to get tenant permission to take photos
  • They present better (lighting and composition)

In most cases, agents are not trained in photography so to ensure the best possible photos of your property a professional photographer is always the best option.

Next time you are needing photos of your property, it might be worth looking into the professional photography option.

Anita Genrich                                                                                                                                                             Orbit Property