With the current hot temperatures we are experiencing, the air-conditioning systems in homes are being given a good work out.  But have you ever stopped to think of the condition of your air-con?  The easiest thing you can do to maintain and ensure that your air-con is in working order is to clean the filter.

Unclean filters can pose a risk of inviting unwanted bacteria into your home.  Mould and bacteria can thrive on the filters inside the air-con units which in turn could produce allergens that can then spread throughout your home when your air-conditioner is in use.

An air-con system that is not working to its optimum level can not only effect the performance of your unit but result in a higher than normal electricity bill.  Filters that are clogged can ultimately cause your air-conditioning system to fail.

It is an easy task to clean your air-con filters. Cleaning instructions should be guided by the manufacturer, but below are the basics steps to give you a cleaner air-conditioner:

Step 1 – Turn your air-condition unit off at the main power.

Step 2 – Open the fascia and Remove the filters from the air conditioner. (The filters are delicate so you should take care not to damage them when handling them.)

Step 3 – Use a vacuum to get rid of any accumulated dirt and grime. Be as thorough as you can for effective cleaning results. Be careful however, as you do not want to puncture or tear the filter because tears will render the filter inefficient.

.Step 4: Fit back the filters into the air conditioner

Step 5: Turn the air-con system back on at main power.

You can now enjoy cleaner, more breathable air.

Anita Genrich – Orbit Property