Have you ever considered planning for long term expenses?  Whilst many Landlords repair or replace items when a problem occurs, if the repair or replacement required is costly this can put a big strain on the budget.  In the meantime, if the problem is not attended to in a reasonable time this can leave you open to further costs with potential compensation being sort from the tenant.

We know that if we service our car regularly it helps keep down the long term costs.  Why do we not treat our properties in a similar way?  Generally, planned maintenance will cost less the unplanned maintenance following different seasons of the year.

Planning for long term maintenance covers such things as:

  • Termite Inspections
  • Pest Control
  • Pool equipment checks and services
  • Building inspections to check structural areas of the property
  • Garage door servicing
  • Cleaning and servicing air conditioners
  • Cleaning out gutters to ensure that they are free from leaves and debris
  • Tree lopping prior to storm season
  • Exterior painting

Pro-activity is the key.  Preventive maintenance can easily be forgotten, but the time and money it saves in the long-run is worth the effort.

Orbit Property – Anita Genrich