Orbit Property 5 Year Rent Guarantee

How it Works

As a proud owner of an Orbit Property investment home, a Rent Guarantee contract is entered into.  The Rent Guarantee outlines the minimum agreed, fixed rent amount, of which will be paid into your nominated back account every month.  The Rent Guarantee is based on a yearly guaranteed rent amount and calculated on the percentage of the purchase price.  Should the market rent be higher than the Rent Guarantee, then you will receive the higher amount.

How Much does it Cost?

There are no additional charges to be part of our rent guarantee program. Property management fees do apply.

Premium Builders

Our Investment homes are not built by your average builder, we have partnered with some of the countries best builders including Metricon Homes, Australia’s most awarded & largest builder.

Can I opt out of the rent guarantee at anytime?

If for whatever reason you want to opt out of this rent guarantee, you can do so at anytime by giving a minimum of 30 days notice in writing.

Terms and Conditions

The Rent Guarantee is only valid with Metricon Built Homes & when the property is managed by Orbit Property.