Below are 6 easy steps to follow:


1) Contact your current property manager in writing to advice of your decision. You will need to provide 30, 60 or 90 days’ notice depending on what you agreed to at the time of signing your Management Agreement.


2) Be prepared for a phone call from your current property manager asking you to give reasons for your decision. They will try and save your listing if they can.


3) Contact the property manager you have decided to appoint to take over the management of your investment property and advise them of the hand over dates.


4) Your new property manager will handle everything else from here; they will forward a fax to the previous property manager with a list of documents and keys they will require when taking possession of the property and advise them of the date/time they will be collected. Among those documents required is a rental ledger to confirm where your tenant is paid to, a copy of the current lease agreement and the entry condition report.


5) Your new property manager will collect all relevant information and keys on handover date. They will then contact all necessary peoples who require your new Real Estate address e.g. Insurance Companies, Body Corporates etc. You don’t have to worry about any of this.


6) Your new property manager will also contact the tenant to introduce themselves, change their rental payment details and arrange an appointment to meet the tenant and make sure all maintenance issues are up to date.