Selling Tips

Present your home from day 1!  Although you won’t be letting people into your home all day, every day, there is a good chance that people will be driving by the home and assessing the street appeal of your property from the minute it hits the market.



Make sure your front gardens and lawns are well maintained.  During the Summer and Spring months consider planting some annuals in pots, perhaps near your front door.


Try to set a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in your home.  Open the windows in your home, have a subtle smelling candle burning and maybe even some non-offensive music playing in the background.  Fresh flowers are a great idea also.


Most buyers are looking to purchase a lifestyle.

Your personal affects and the way your home looks and is presented will make an impression on buyers.  Accessorise with little things, like cushions or even some new towels for the bathroom.


Clear rooms of any clutter including excess furniture.  This will make the rooms not only more appealing but less furniture may also make the rooms appear bigger.


Buyers love light, so give them as much as you can.  If it doesn’t exist look for ways to create it.  Could you use with a lamp for example to create more light?