Can a fixed term agreement be broken early?

A tenant or lessor/agent wishing to break the lease may do so with the mutual agreement of the other party. It is advisable to get the approval in writing if there is an agreement to end the contract early.  The lessor/agent may claim compensation for the

reasonable costs incurred because the tenant leaves early. This may include loss of rent if they can not find a replacement tenant, but the lessor/agent has an obligation to reduce or minimise losses that result from the tenant breaking the agreement. In some circumstances, a tenancy agreement can be ended if the lessor or tenant is experiencing excessive hardship, such as financial or personal difficulties.  They will need to make an urgent application to the Tribunal for an order terminating the agreement on the

grounds of excessive hardship. A compensation order may also be given by the Tribunal.

For more information see the Ending a tenancy agreement fact sheet.