When and how often can the lessor/agent enter a rental premises?

The Act allows the lessor/agent to enter a rental premises for several reasons. To notify the tenant of the upcoming entry, the lessor/agent must use an Entry Notice (Form 9). The amount of notice needed depends on the reason for entering the premises.  Most grounds for entry require 24 hours notice to the tenant (such as repairs or maintenance),

however there are a few exceptions. For example, seven days notice must be given if the purpose of  the entry is to inspect the premises, and there must  be at least three months between inspections.  Entry must be at a reasonable time and cannot be  on a Sunday, public holiday, or between 6pm and 8am, unless the tenant agrees. If the lessor/agent is

entering by themselves they must also nominate a two hour window in which they will enter. This does not apply to entry by people other than the lessor/agent, such as tradespeople.  The Act now allows lessors/agents to enter a property to check that a significant breach has been fixed by the tenant, or to check repairs completed by a tradesperson.  The tenant cannot refuse entry if the entry is for a lawful purpose, the correct notice has been given, and the entry is at a reasonable time. The lessor/ agent must also ensure they maintain the tenant’s right to privacy and quiet enjoyment.

For more information see the Entry and privacy  fact sheet.