Why Choose Orbit Property


Orbit Property is set on delivering clients with a personal professional and efficient service.

We understand that as a landlord you predominantly want the following things from your property manager:

  1. Clear and efficient communication
  2. A good tenant
  3. Rent on time
  4. Property looked after and left in good condition

Orbit Property will deliver in all of these areas and more.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the property management field, our team is driven to provide you with an unforgettably positive experience and the best possible return on your investment.

We believe that clear and efficient communication along with transparency is very important with both our property investors and tenants and this approach ensures the best interest all are kept at the forefront at all times.  This approach allows us to develop a strong and trusting relationship with our clients.


At Orbit Property, we pride ourselves on clear and efficient communication and transparency.  All property owners have 24 hour access to their statements.

We believe the secret to good property management is communication, communication, communication.

One Point Of Contact

At Orbit Property, we run a portfolio management operation.  This enables us to build relationships our owners and tenants rather than being past from agent to agent.  This approach allows each client and property to receive the personal attention that is deserved.  Providing that one point of contact ensures that your questions can be answered should there be any or you merely want to have a chat about your property.