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About us

Orbit Property are a boutique property sales and management firm providing tailored advice with transparent, communicative service. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and attention to detail, wanting to set the benchmark for how residential investors are treated. We take proactive steps in ensuring that your property is well maintained, seeing that all the minute details are attended to – your property will be treated with the same level of respect we’d expect for our own properties.

Property Management

Our management services include quarterly inspections with reports available online, 24/7. We are proactive in our approach to ensure that your tenant is satisfied, and potential vacancy periods are minimised.

We engage in friendly and cordial relationship with tenants, making sure that they feel comfortable and secure, encouraging lengthened tenancy periods and keeping hassles to a minimum.

Buy, Sell or Rent with Orbit Property

Beyond our management services, we help families secure their financial future by offering no-deposit home packages for first home buyers from our partnered builders, as well as finding new investment properties that meet strict criteria from investors.

We apply the same principles to our property sales approach, ensuring all the tiny details are taken care of and that all necessary precautions and advice is given to clients to make their life easier.