Online Rental Application Form

If you’ve seen a rental property on our Available Properties page that you’d like to apply for, please fill out our online application form to be considered. Please be advised that by submitting your application, you give us consent to perform a rental history check. We use the standard REIQ tenancy application form to make the application process easier, but if you have any concerns or aren’t able to answer any of the questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What you need to know before you start…

Once the application has been approved you will be required to pay a six (6) weeks rent (2 weeks rent, the remainder is bond) to secure the property. Please note that this must be paid in cleared funds NOT CASH (electronic transfer is preferred method). These funds must be paid within 24 hours of the acceptance of the application, should funds not be received the property will remain up for rent or passed to another applicant. Personal cheques will not be accepted. The property will not be secured for you, until this money has been received and all parties have signed the tenancy related documents.

Part 1: Rental Property Details

Item 1:
Agent Details

Item 2:
Property Details

Fixed term agreement

Part 2: Applicant Details

Item 3:
Contact Details


If Yes, what other name(s) have you been known by?

Item 4:


Item 5:


Item 6:

Item 7:
Applicants Address History



Item 8:

YesNo (if no, please provide details of previous employer, if any)

Full timePart timeCasualContractSelf employed

Item 9:
Centrelink Payments


Item 10:
Student Details


Item 11:
Personal References

Please do not list relatives, another applicant or partners and provide business hours contact numbers.

Item 12:
Personal Representative

i.e. preferred person(s) to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Part 3: Supporting Documents

Item 13:

You are required to meet a 100 point identification criterion upon submission of your application. The Agent/Lessor may photocopy any item and retain as part of your application.

Please tick the identifying documents you have provided with your application.

IMPORTANT: At least one form of Photo Identification MUST be provided.

70 Points

PassportFull birth certificateCitizenship certificate

40 Points

Australian Driver's LicenceStudent Photo IDDepartment of Veterans Affair cardCenterlink cardProof of age cardState/Federal Government Photo ID

25 Points

Medicare cardCouncil rates noticeMotor Vehicle registrationTelephone billElectricity billGas billTenancy History LedgerBank statementCredit card statementLast FOUR rent receiptsRent bond receiptPrevious tenacy agreement

Upload Documents:
Item 14:
Proof of Income

You are also required to supply the Agent/Lessor with proof of your income upon submission of your application.

Last TWO pay slips.
Self employed:
Bank statement, Group Certificate, Tax Return or Accountant's letter.
Not employed:
Centerlink statement
Upload Documents:

Part 4: Declaration

Please declare the following by selecting either TRUE or FALSE

I, the Applicant

  1. TrueFalse
  2. TrueFalse
  3. TrueFalse
    If false, please advise what deductions were made from your bond?
  4. TrueFalse
    If false, why are you in debt to your past Agent/Lessor?

Part 5: Tenancy Database

The Agency may use the following tenancy database to check the rental history of the Application/s:

Part 6: Acknowledgement

Please acknowledge the following by selection either YES or NO

I, the Applicant

  1. YesNo
  2. YesNo
    • YesNo
    • YesNo
  3. YesNo
  4. YesNo
  5. YesNo
  6. YesNo
  7. YesNo
  8. YesNo
  9. YesNo
  10. YesNo
Name of Applicant: