We have all been a display homes and fallen in love with the optional extras that a jammed packed into these homes. Display homes look good for a reason. Not only are they professionally styled but all those optional extras will cost extra when you build your new home.

So, what are the optional extras that will be value for money in terms of lifestyle amenity or a great return on investment when it comes time for you to sell.

Display homes look good for a reason. Not only are they professionally styled, they are also decked out with lots of optional extras – upgrades that will hike up the base price of a project home.

Here the top 5 picks:

  1. Power Up

From solar panels and solar hot water systems to double glazing, LED downlights and ceiling fans, our industry experts believe spending money on sustainable design will pay a double dividend for the homeowner, first with lower bills and then with a well-regarded asset on resale.

With power bills creeping steadily upwards, going green will likely shrink what you pay each cycle while keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. That means more money in your pocket for the important things in life while feeling good about helping the planet.

  1. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades

Kitchens are often known as the heart of the home. Opting for stone bench tops, upgrading appliances or adding an island bench with seating can create a more appealing hangout.

The saying that ‘kitchens sell homes’ can ring true, so think about this if you’re planning to sell your home in the foreseeable future.

The same can be said about bathrooms. Not as on show as a kitchen, nevertheless investing in extras like frameless shower screens can add a lot of value avoiding the disruption of trying to do it later.

  1. Keeping it cool (or hot)

While we’re about energy, depending on where you live in this great southern land, you can’t always rely on temperate weather. Installing a ducted heating and cooling system ensures you can stay comfortable no matter what time of year it is.

Installing after the build can be a bit of a logistical headache and create a lot of mess, plus you’re likely to fork out more for it than you would if you’d gone with it in the first place. Ducted systems are also very efficient, so you’re likely to shave a bit more off your bills, especially if combined with sustainable options like double glazing.

  1. Outdoor living

As we can’t always rely on the skies, great value has always been placed on a great outdoor space. That’s why it makes good sense to factor in a covered alfresco dining area when drawing up your original floorplan, which is way less intrusive and costly than trying to add one later.

Add a ceiling fan and even a built-in heater and you can embrace the indoor-outdoor lifestyle all year round. Not only will you benefit from this, but you will most likely add value and appeal to your home.

  1. Store away

Storage space can often be over looked when designing your home, but growing families, in particular, need plenty of space to store stuff if they don’t want the house to look permanently messy.
An invisible saviour, storage greatly improves the functionality of your property.

Tailoring discreet shelving, cupboards and bookcases to your floorplan’s nooks and crannies lends a custom-made feel that could also appeal to future buyers.