Do you notice that there always seems to be a steady supply of properties for sale? Did you know that on average people move house approximately every 5 – 7 years? Here are some reasons you may be looking to sell your home.


A common reason for selling a property is because you are looking to purchase a bigger and better property.


Looking to downsize. This maybe for a number of reasons, all the children may have left home and the larger home is no longer needed. You are then looking to sell to obtain a smaller, cosier and easier to maintain property. CHANGE IN JOB: A change in career or proportion in current job can be a major reason for selling. This could be due to a transfer, commute to work or change in affordability.


Getting married or moving in with a partner could mean that one party may need to sell or choose to sell to purchase a property together. On the other hand, a relationship break up may force a sale or sale of the property may be a desired option to make a fresh start.


Neighbourhoods change over time. This can be due to people moving in and out or possible development occurring. Over time the area may no longer suit your requirements and you would be looking to sell to find a more suitable area.


You may be looking to sell to move closer to your family or further away as the case maybe.


Some people look to sell their property for one simple reason; the need for cash. If the property market is at a high, you could sell your property for a tidy profit. This is particularly true if you prepare your property for sale adequately.


As home owners grow older, stairs may become an issue or maintaining gardens may become too tiresome. A property that is more geared towards their way of life may be required.


Not all home owners are keen renovators. The cost of renovating and potentially the inconvenience of renovating can be off putting so the option to sell may be more appealing.


These are just a handful of the many reasons someone maybe looking to sell. If you have decided it’s time to take that big step to sell, you will need to find a licenced agent to assist you in getting started. We are here to help you through this process, you just need to call us!