Wanting to make the home you are renting feel more like home but not sure how or what you are allowed to do?

It’s common to feel this way when you’re renting.  Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to create a sense of home in your rental home. At Orbit Property, we want our tenants to feel happy and comfortable in the homes they rent.  Check out our top tried and tested rental decorating ideas for making a house a home.

1. Add soft furnishings

Never underestimate the power of cushions! Soft furnishings like cushions, throws, curtains and blinds can add a sense of texture and comfort to a room, and better yet, you can take them with you when you move.

2. Add greenery

Adding living décor is one of the best ways to inject colour, personality and warmth into a rental property. Introduce greenery into rooms with potted plants, terrariums, flowers and even a herb garden. Make sure you keep on top of your indoor gardening chores – a room full of wilting plants doesn’t exactly scream warmth and comfort.

3. Explore floor décor

If decorating potential of the walls is restricted, why not consider the floors? The floor is a great space for temporary decorative pieces that double up as comforts, such as rugs, beanbags, pouffes and floor cushions. Adding floor décor is also the perfect opportunity to introduce some colour.

4. Use temporary storage

If space is limited in a rental property, explore temporary storage options that also add a decorative flair. You can use a standalone ladder, storage trunk, basket or bookcase both for storage and as a decorative display piece for colourful vases, candles, vintage bottles, picture frames, books and other trinkets.