Have you ever noticed that you always seem to be running out of space? And it’s especially worse in small bedrooms. Here are some great space saving ideas that you can put to work in your own home:

Use your desk as a bedside table

This is especially good in kids rooms where space can be at a premium. So, set up the kids
desk so that it’s right against their bed – doubling as a bedside table!

Make use of the back of doors

There are plenty of “over door” hooks that can be purchased at your local department or
hardware store. These “over door” styles just slip over the top of the door, not causing any
damage to your doors and allow you to hand items on the back of the door.

Use the “Under Bed” storage space

We’re not suggesting shoving random stuff under your bed, but actually using buckets,
baskets or trays to store items (blankets, spare sheets, books, etc) neatly underneath your
bed so you can easily find them when you need them.

Organise your drawers and cupboards

If your drawers and cupboards are out of control, you will lose things and won’t be storing
items efficiently. Use trays, baskets, bowls and other drawer organisers to keep all your
belongings in order, no matter what drawer or cupboard they’re in.